Upcoming Tour Dates: My Final Days with BlueCo

I got the news that I will be joining The Second City e.t.c. ensemble and I begin on January 21st. I still get to squeeze in some tour time with my favorite group of people before the transition to working in Chicago full time begins. Here are my final tour dates with Mighty Mighty BlueCo! […]

Raven Wants “No Labels”

In an one-on-one interview with Oprah, Raven reveals that she doesn’t want to live behind the labels of “gay” and “African-American.” I didn’t see the full interview and I’m sure they talked about way more in the segment than the 45 second clip that has caused conversation but here’s my two-cents that nobody has asked […]

Lisa B. At Up Comedy Club

After wrapping up an Improv for Actors course at The Second City Training Center, I was happy to accept the Bob Curry Fellowship to continue training and sharpening my funny. What’s even cooler is that I get to join the awesome cast of Second City’s Incomplete Guide to Everything Sunday, March 30th at 4pm. That’s […]