Ladies, consider this post your intervention. You know, the awkward moment when 5 of your closet friends trick you into joining them for that cup of coffee and when you get there they have somber looks on their faces and avoid eye contact? Then for the next two hours they begin to dig into your […]

Lisa B. Looking Back

2011 was an interesting year and productive year for me. It was also very challenging (but we’ll save all the challenging moments for the tell-all book I plan on writing when I turn 105). However, I will include real life tidbits of personal information that I’d rather not share but I’m feeling vulnerable and New […]

Be Inspired

I am apart of a dynamic cast of women for a new Talk Show called Inspired With Dymeata B. Meet the ladies of Inspired With Dymeata B. by clicking on the pic below and be taken to our Talk Show website and learn more about this exciting new Talk Show Premiering this Fall. Be apart […]