The Other Cinderella

Because who doesn’t want to wear purple hair to work everyday…. There’s still time. Jackie Taylor’s Holiday Classic The Other Cinderella is running at Black Ensemble Theatre now until January 13th. Check out reviews, pics, and videos: “…As usual, my favorite characters are the meanies: Geneva (Jessica Moore), Margarite (Lisa Beasley), and Stepmama (Dawn Bless). […]

One Name Only

The Marvin Gaye Story

I’m excited to be apart Jackie Taylor’s The Marvin Gaye Story: Don’t Talk About My Father, Because God Is My Friend. Black Ensemble Theater has announced its upcoming show “The Marvin Gaye Story”, and tickets are on sale now! Previews start May 11, show opens May 20th! Visit or Call 773-769-4451 to get tickets now! Just […]

Lisa B. Looking Back

2011 was an interesting year and productive year for me. It was also very challenging (but we’ll save all the challenging moments for the tell-all book I plan on writing when I turn 105). However, I will include real life tidbits of personal information that I’d rather not share but I’m feeling vulnerable and New […]

Lisa B. Joins Black Ensemble Theater

On Tuesday, October 17th, I auditioned for the Black Ensemble Theater daytime series, Plays With A Purpose. I got the gig!! I’m signing on to participate in several daytime productions throughout the entire season next year til May 2012! Visit for more info on this education, engaging, and exciting show series.