The Game Season 5 Episode 3 – No Money Mo Problems

  The Game Season 5 Episode 3 – No Money Mo Problems   If I had any episode naming power I would call this episode “Tasha Saves The Day, Melanie Doesn’t.”   Rick Ross look a like is back cooking Malik breakfast.   Tasha enters nagging about the mansion looking a mess.   Tasha tries […]

The Game Season 5 Episode 1 – The Truth Pact

Abortion and Almost Dead Bodies. I’m back…Happy New Year and you didn’t think I was gonna abandoned you in your time of The-Game-Recap-Need did you? See what had happened was… The episode starts with a Boyz II Men-ish soundtrack revealing Mel claiming she had a abortion. There’s a dead model in Malik’s driveway. Jason is […]

Lisa B. Looking Back

2011 was an interesting year and productive year for me. It was also very challenging (but we’ll save all the challenging moments for the tell-all book I plan on writing when I turn 105). However, I will include real life tidbits of personal information that I’d rather not share but I’m feeling vulnerable and New […]