Girls Room

Just like the ladies room…no boys allowed! Ever see a man aimlessly “accidently” stumble into the ladies room and are instantly shocked at how much better our facilities are? They are usually surprised to find a foyer, sitting area, larger vanity, and probably leave a little jealous…welp, we need it. All of those “power my noses” and “fix my hairs” are really excuses to go to the girl’s room and beg for girl to get us out of the date by faking an emergency call or calling her best friend to let her know that she may become a bridesmaid soon. It’s where we cry, primp, gossip, learn how to apply makeup, escape, relax, and get away from men. This is that place. Lisa B. and some of her girls will be here for tips, advice, confessions, stories, and things that we like just because we can.

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