The Malik Wright Show

Yea so I was just chillin at some random football game and I bumped into my boys and I just took a pic real quick. Whether I took this pic myself or not is up to you to rate as fact or fiction, but it is a fact that I would have been better off […]

See What Had Happened Was… Episode 3

I don’t know what’s worse: Malik’s frohawk that features the widow’s peak or Malik’s frohawk that features the widow’s peak. He need to get that thing under control. Anyway, this episode was a little whomp whomp to me. It seemed like nothing really happened. Anyway, see what had happened was… Malik is mad at the […]

The State of Our Ideas

You know the drill by now guys. I catch up on my Teen Mom 2 while I recap what I saw on my television screen. Tonight there are two recaps to read. Between our economic status, birds dropping dead, and the fact that we are in a gajabafillion dollars in debt, I figured it would […]

Who’s The Baby’s Momma?

So for the first time in the history of MY life, I attempted to watch an entire NFL game. Depending on what you call success: watching the whole game or understanding it, nonetheless I tuned into the The Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears game on Sunday. Heard of em? So yeah, I watched […]

Bring Back Brit Brat?

While the controversial Kanye West was tweeting/hating on Brittany Spear’s single coming in at #1, over H.A.M., West’s and Jay-Z’s new single, I was sending hate tweets to another Brit. I checked the facebook fan page and found out that according to facebooker, Kris G., the new Brit Brat is related to Kenny Smith who […]

The Biggest BET Season Premiere?

Sources say that 7.7 million of you guys tuned in last night. Wowzeers. I wonder how many people “kept it locked” as Mr. 106&Park would say and tuned in to the other original BET series Let’s Stay Together? 7.7 million people. Good lawd, that’s a lot of people. I wonder what the CW thinks about […]

My Predictions

We love this show so much, that we’ll forgive the creative director for retouching Malik to the point of unrecognizability on all the promo materials. (The mohawk is unforgivably high though). My predictions for the future of The Game are as follows: Girl Melanie is gonna preserve her fantasy of a world that only includes […]

See What Had Happened Was…

Over here in 9pm central land, all of my west coastener friends were furious that their attempts to be the first to know what happened on the season premiere of the highly anticipated The Game was ruined because we gave them a play by play analysis of every line via fb updates and tweets. Welp, […]