LBXP Designs Apparel for Blactresses

About a couple of winters ago, a few black actresses in Chicago started to meet up, at bars, restaurants, each other’s apartments, rooftop parties and more to share and fellowship with one another. Whether it was sharing auditioning experiences, rehearsal horror stories, or giving advice and tips to one another, it was really inspiring to […]

Ordering Is Easy

  Ordering is easy! Just fill out the quick form below and someone will email you soon! -LB

Design for Actor – Track Tiffany’s Order

Here’s a Lisa B. Exclusive first! See an order, particular for actors, from start to finish. Meet Tiffany, fellow Chicago actor, who has order The Works from The Lisa B. Experience Design Factory. The Works being a title I just made up which includes retouching, headshot bordering, a logo, business cards, and a show postcard. […]

Every Actor Needs…

This next few weeks will be about taking steps to advance my career. Here are some things I’m getting printed this week to mail out or just to have on me at all times. 1. HEADSHOT/RESUME – Finally, I got some new headshots that look like me and it’s time to let every one know. […]

Actor’s Special: Discounts with @LiftedSoul

All month long, Lifted Soul, INC will be offering discounts to actors and entertainers. In this industry, being prepared is vital to getting hired. You need business cards, comp cards, postcards to send out for updates, websites, and everything to stay ahead of the casting curve. Check out samples of REAL ENTERTAINERS. No two cards […]

Lifted Soul, INC

I am the founder of Lifted Soul, INC which is a company geared toward offering designing and marketing services at affordable prices.  Since September 2009, I have  designed for small businesses, corporations, churches, college and universities, restaurants, and just about every entity of business there is. Visit today to view more work. Interested in […]