Lisa Beasley Hosts Two Queens, 1 Mic at Revival Theater

Between traveling, auditioning, mothering, and sitting at home waiting for Windy City Live to call me, I produce a comedy show with my friends.

Created by Kellye Howard & Brandi Denise, Two Queens, 1 Mic is a comedy show featuring the two comics that have been crushing shows all of the the world. Featuring Chicago’s best comedians at the Hype Park venue, the show includes stand-up, improvisations, and sketches written by the hosting duo.


This Saturday, I will host alongside Brandi, cause idk, Kellye got something to do or something. The three of us have been producing the show and it’s been selling out. So if we don’t sell out this Saturday, we’ll obviously know why.

Come see this line-up which includes talent that I can’t even friend on Facebook because they’ve reached their max cause they so popular from being funny and talented.

Also, are you following FUNNY BLACK WOMEN?




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