Lisa Beasley’s Directorial Debut for Chicago Artistic Collective, SoChi Voices

This project is very special to me.  Every since I was a little girl, I would listen to music and imagine what that music video would look like. Creating this video helped me through extremely sad circumstances. When you witness youth taken from this earth too soon, it’s a very jarring experience and sometimes you find it impossible to deal. I wanted to challenge the norm of constantly being bombarded with negative images portraying the black experience by creating images filled with hope and magic through the wonderment of an innocent child (my awesome super cool niece) and the adults who inspire her even when they don’t know she’s watching.

They are watching. They are always watching.

I dedicate my directorial debut to Chicago youth. You inspire me.  When I first heard See Another Day by So Chi Voices, this is what I saw:

Check out some of the behind the scenes photos (thanks Didi girl!).

See Another Day Music Video video debuted on The Huffington Post!

Thanks to everyone who made working on this project a dream come true. See full list of everyone’s hard work on the youtube link.



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