Change Is Good…2

HAIRJOURNEY  When a black woman decides to go natural after years of relaxing her hair and decades attaching several textures of weave, everyone assumes she has begun to embark on this wonderful journey. One day, while stroking her-not-her-real-mane, the ceiling opened up and she saw the light of non-conformity beam across the mirror that reflected back the true beautiful black queen that she was born to be.

That didn’t happen to me. Matter of a fact, I wrote an entire piece on Lisa B. On The Creamy Crack back in 2011. Well what happened? Why did I let me luscious lock go and what does this have to do with making over my acting and graphic design career.

Let’s be honest. That upkeep got expensive! No wonder I couldn’t pay rent. I was spending like $400 a month on weave.

I “went natural” because I was doing some many theatrical productions back to back that required I wear wigs. I got tired of putting a wig on top of weave. Simple as that. Then, one day, I washed my hair and let it draw up and discovered my natural curl pattern. Ok I’m not gon’ lie, for two seconds I was like “Man, this is what I would like if I was naked in a forest 400 years ago and took a dip in the lake. I would come out the lake looking like this.”

Then I started spending 3 million dollars a day on natural hair products. I had no idea what “regime” worked on my hair. So my natural hair began to fall out. I was like, ain’t this ’bout a blip-a-de-bleep. Then I discovered what worked for MY hair: calm down and don’t really do anything to it. I wash it every once in a while and put some coconut oil on it. One of my secret desires is that our hair doesn’t remain that big of a deal. It’s hair.


1. RELAX AND FIND OUT WHAT WORKS FOR YOU – I find that when it comes to making huge changes, I have to take small steps. I needed to literally know how to take small steps so I found us a really good article on how to use several tiny habits to make a big difference in your life. In order for me to get organized with my graphic design clients, I have to begin to not look at the bigger picture, but focus on smaller pieces of the puzzle to see how they affect my overall productivity.

{Read how to start using tiny habits today HERE}

2. EMBRACE WHERE YOU ARE – Embrace where you are in life and in your business. It’ll grow. lol get it? It’ll grow. Anyway, right now, I’m accepting that this is the hair I’m working with right now and it does make a difference in my acting career. I may be wrong, but I think some casting directors don’t know that I can make my hair look like anything! But I did have to do a major overall on my headshots and overall brand because this is what I look like now.  For some reason, my hair comes with a whole new set of expectations from my personality and I can tell people perceive me different. Anywho, I’m enjoying my new hairstyle for now and when I decide to go completely bald or where a floor length blonde wig I’ll embrace that too.

Lisa B.


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