Every Actor Needs…

This next few weeks will be about taking steps to advance my career. Here are some things I’m getting printed this week to mail out or just to have on me at all times.

1. HEADSHOT/RESUME – Finally, I got some new headshots that look like me and it’s time to let every one know. Though I look cute on the old ones, I think casting directors would appreciate that I walk in looking like my picture when they call me in for auditions. Also, I’ve added some new news to my resume so I need to print more of those.

[See the rest of my headshots!]

2. POSTCARDS – I design comp cards/zed cards for actors too that have a few of your different looks and vital information. I’ve decided to get a little creative with the traditional comp card approach and create a fun timeline of my career here in Chicago so far.

[See my design portfolio for actors]

3. BUCKSLIPS – Instead of a quick annoying email, send a cute buckslip lol. Buckslips are perfect for mailings because they only take a second to look at. Add a personal short note saying how much fun you have at the audition. I find, they also double as cute bookmarks. Who doesn’t want a bookmark with their face on it.

Get Your Own!

Get Your Own!

I’m not keeping my design talents to myself. If you’re an actor/performer and you’re ready to get some of these materials, lemme know and we can get started on taking YOUR career to the next level! Acting Services Include {Headshot retouching, bordering, comp cards, business cards, acting websites, buckslips, postcards, review sheets and anything fabulous you can think to print or email}

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