Change Is Good

ChangeBannerChange is good and if you’re reading this, you are my new accountability partner. A few months ago, I’ve decided to make some small but necessary changes that will have a big impact on my career and lifestyle. I love acting and graphic design but I had no idea what to do to take my career to the next level. I’m the google queen and I’ve been getting some great advice from top professionals on how to advance my business and acting career. The biggest thing I’ve learned was make small changes that you can implement everyday. Let’s grow and learn together how to take our passion to the next level.  Here’s some small steps I’ve taken this week! 

1. BE HAPPY – No really be happy. Find your anthem, your favorite quote, a friendly face or something that lifts your spirits. It’s easy to let the things around you distract you from your goals. Positivity rocks! Every time a negative thought comes into my mind, I literally say out loud, “Man, forget that, ain’t nobody got time for that!” (In public, I just mutter it under my breath). Then I immediately begin thinking about the good things in life and dreaming up the day I’ll be on a yacht chillin’ while the breeze sweeps across my face….see, I almost forgot I was blogging…

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2. WORK TOWARDS YOUR BIG GOAL EVERYDAY – Making a commitment to take small steps towards your goal everyday is rewarding. One of my big goal is to land a lead role in a major motion picture. Sounds grand? What small steps can you take towards a big goal like that? Well, I needed new headshots. My old headshots were from 1946. I would walk into auditions and casting directors would do a confusing double take. They’ll look at my headshot, then look at me…look at my headshot and then look at me.  Another example: I dream of being a hit song writer so I take just 30 minutes a day to sit at the piano and just create. So far, after trying this for about 30days, I’ve composed over 15 songs! 

[Another Small Step Towards Change – Added Production Photos to the Site]

You thought it was gonna be a long list didn’t ya? That’s it. Those are the two things I’ve been concentrating on the past few days.  It’s 2014….let’s accomplish all the dreams we’ve set out to accomplish! 

Lisa B. 




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