Katori Hall’s The Mountaintop Premiere’s in Chicago

Lisa Beasley as Camae in Katori Hall's The Mountaintop

On the eve of his assassination, a weary Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. returns to his lonely hotel room in Memphis. Restless, he begins to work on his next speech when he’s suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a young hotel maid named Camae portrayed by Gary, IN native, Lisa Beasley. The two strike up an unlikely conversation and as the hour grows late and Dr. King’s fate presses closer, Camae reveals that she is more than she appears. The Mountaintop offers a beautiful and powerful meditation on mortality, destiny, and the liminal space where the material meets the divine. Resident Artist Ron OJ Parson will direct this revelatory new portrayal of Dr. King played by David Alan Anderson

For more information on how to get tickets visit http://www.courttheatre.org
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Camae played by Lisa Beasley


  1. demetrious powers says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your performance tonight! I heard tonight that you are from Gary, what high school did you attend? Also would you be interested in promoting the play on WLTH radio?

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