The Game Season 5 Episode 3 – No Money Mo Problems


The Game Season 5 Episode 3 – No Money Mo Problems


If I had any episode naming power I would call this episode “Tasha Saves The Day, Melanie Doesn’t.”


Rick Ross look a like is back cooking Malik breakfast.


Tasha enters nagging about the mansion looking a mess.


Tasha tries to talk Malik into throwing a football around at a Jewish Rights of Passage because I can’t spell Bar Mitzskhehiohfdkah


Derwin gets endorsed by Verzion and begins jumping up and down on the bed like a four year old with his shoes on and Melanie doesn’t notice because she’s too busy trying to figure out why Irv is managing him again.


She brings up the “Truth Thing” and likens her lies to his new management news.


“Winning” Clearly the writers didn’t get the memo that the whole Charlie Sheen phase is old because Derwin say’s he’s “charlie sheen-ing it”


He appoints Melanie as CEO of the Family with an emphasis on Family.


Melanie wants to be Derwin’s manager and decides to not give him any cookies if he doesn’t let her have a bigger say in his career.


He let’s her “become the boss” of Irv


BOOM! The house is a mess because Malik can’t afford to pay his cleaning people.


His financial advisor reminds him that out of the 80 Million dollar contract he only gets 40 million and conveniently he builds a 40  million dollar home. See, athletes can be broke too.


His advisor (who looks like the husband of that red head lady from Sex And The City_ proposes $25,000 a month budget. Malik goes crazy because that’s clearly not enough money.  He has to get his cars taken away.


Walks like a pig, smells like a pig. Irv walks in with a meeting with Melanie who gets all snazzy and ready to fulfill her CEO role. Irv, of course is well, Irv. He does everything short of literally coughing up a lung to distract her and treat her like a field nig…


When she brings up Jimmy Falon, he’s all ears. He books Derwin for Letterman.


Tasha wants to sue Irv and Derwin since she started the Verizon deal.


Malik’s cars get repossessed.


Yup that’s the husband of that red head lady from Sex And The City. He’s still short.


It’s Tee Tee’s birthday. Malik fronts like he’s throwing him an expensive bash.


Melanie is my girl but this stressful marriage is making her gain weight…(Tia clearly hasn’t lost the baby weight yet)


Melanie barges in on Tasha’s and Irv’s meeting with their lawyers.


Tasha is prepared with call log and transcripts proving she landed the Verizon deal.


Melanie is frazzled and is embarrassing herself.


Tasha wins her 10%


Are all legal battles wrapped up in 2 minutes.


Who is this Rick Ross looking man? Is that his security guard cause his beard is getting out of control


We are at Tee Tee’s birthday party and Malik’s version of being frugal is not getting the $900 bottle service.


There are sooo many rules to Baller’s Etiquette: he who has the most gold pays the bill. He who has the most gold in his hometown pays the bill.


Derwin reveals to Mel that Irv was entertaining her.


She’s not cool with just being “his wife.”


Derwin says, “Why can’t you just sit back and let me take care of you.”


She brings up quitting being a doctor. He brings up that she doesn’t catch the ball so she can’t take responsibility for the legacy.


Later that night they are in that same dirty bed and Melanie is upset.


He admits that “he loves her past the moon” wherever that place is.


Aww I feel sorry for Malik. Tasha comes to save the day and pays the bill for the lavish party that Malik stayed behind for.


I’m just now noticing Jason and Chardonnay must still be in Mexico cause I didn’t see em.


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