Ladies, consider this post your intervention. You know, the awkward moment when 5 of your closet friends trick you into joining them for that cup of coffee and when you get there they have somber looks on their faces and avoid eye contact? Then for the next two hours they begin to dig into your personal life and reveal observations that expose your, what I like to call, “common sense-less” mistakes that have begun to effect your productivity and other lives around you. Here are a few signs that show it’s time for you to RESET your LIFE

5. It’s about HIM. ALL THE TIME. I wish the HIM in all caps that I am referring to is the one and only God Almighty. The HIM I am referring to is the one and only man in your life that you let consume your life. You know, the one who has, not only the front seat in your life, but the driver’s seat and the keys to the whole car. If you find yourself telling your closest friends about the intimate details of that day he surprised you with a Twix Bar at work, it’s all about him. If you find yourself texting him Good Morning before the crust is out of your eye and you haven’t thanked God yet, it’s all about him. If you find yourself texting him Good Night before you say your prayers, it’s all about him. If you find yourself snooping through his facebook and shifting through his twitter followers trying to connect relational dots and comparing avatars, it’s all about him. MARRIED people, don’t think you are off the hook. If you pray about your mate more than anything else, it’s all about him. If you are primped and polished from head to toe to please your man but your children are running around looking like they need a ten-cents-a-day-donation, it’s all about him. If there is no him but you obsess about a potential idea of “him”, it’s all about that fictional him.  #ResetYourLife and get a life outside of him!

4. You hit the SNOOZE button 47 times before waking up. If you don’t want to get up in the morning and you dread starting a new day, it’s time to reset your life. If you hate your job, maybe it’s time to reset your career path toward something that truly drives and motivates you. Developing a life of purpose is enough to get you out of bed in the morning. Perhaps, you hit the snooze button because you pride yourself on getting 2.5 hours of sleep a night because you are a work-a-holic. It’s time for you to reset your life too. I believe that working yourself to an early grave is no way to enjoy life. If you are overworked some area of your life is going to suffer. Besides, sleep makes you…{Read More at}

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