Experience Poetry


I thought I was a precious ruby for you to find

My only job was to sit and shine and let you find me

But this has become a horrible game of hide and seek

You’ve counted to ten, I let you jump from 11 to puberty, let you cheat and take a peek, you’ve managed to dodge about 20 of my rhymes, and I let you count past February 14th 24 times, and you still can’t find me?

Or have you even started seeking?

Did you get distracted on your journey?

You got sidetrack by these fake gemstones pretending to be rubies?

You know the ones that shine so bright

But get appraised for a penny

You know those shiny little things that they used to bedazzle jeans

Matter of a fact you should ask for your quarter back

Stone so fake it’s like it came from a bubble gum machine

Don’t you know you’re chasing a simple stone

They must shine so bright

That they left you blind

We’ve all misread the memo

Everything that glitters IS gold

You just can’t tell when it’s the fake kind

This geniune ruby wants to be seen

But the person in hiding can’t go seeking

That’ll be cheating

If the seeker gets a trophy without really trying

Then the person in hiding won’t be much of a victory now will she

Stones are easy

I go untouched cause it’s like you can’t find me

You’re just not looking for me

You’re afraid to touch me

Not because I’m fragile

I’m solid as a rock

But if you had me in your possession

You wouldn’t be able to stand the thought of losing me

You would lock me in your heart

Forget throwing away the key

You would throw away the lock

Leaving me forever trapped in your heart

But now there seems to be no room for me in there

Crowded with too many shiny stones

That left you with blood clots

And you still won’t learn

How many stones you gonna crave

Before you realize its the cause of your heart burn

I’m so sick of it

Lunatickin it

Got me thinking do I need to become a stone just to get what I want

Turn my heart stone cold just to wrestle with your own

I don’t think so

Get me outta this fake ring

Take this fake belt around my hip

I’ll let these fake stones continue to be the number one contender for the WTF Championship

I will be patient while you savor your cold stone

Cause this ruby knows that one day

Her waffle silicons will grow old and her cream will spoil

But this 32nd flavor will not be sample and will never be sold

Unless it is to satisfy the depths of your soul to the end of time

What we have can last forever

This ruby doesn’t need her name carved in a tree just to prove her love is rooted deep

I just want you to write your name with your lips on my cheek

It will be like a stamp of approval of my authenticity

Besides this ruby wants to be incased in your arms

Protect my rarity

I don’t want to be mishandled by jewel thieves

That aim to tarnish rubies like me

I’ll stay buried deep in hiding so only you can find me

Beside a stone is just a ruby who got tired of waiting.

Lisa B.

Listen and watch more HERE

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