Lisa B. Looking Back

2011 was an interesting year and productive year for me. It was also very challenging (but we’ll save all the challenging moments for the tell-all book I plan on writing when I turn 105). However, I will include real life tidbits of personal information that I’d rather not share but I’m feeling vulnerable and New Yearsy right now. So here we go, my year in review, if you ever care at all.

January 2011 

Real Life Tidbit #1 – It’s been two months since I moved back in to my parents house and my father won’t let me drive the car because they took me off the insurance because he is an upstanding citizen that never broke a rule in his life or stolen loose grapes from the grocery store. At 24, I’m trapped in the house with no vehicular method of escape. So what do I do, I start blogging about BET’s The Game on 1/11/11. Every single Tuesday night I watched and recapped each episode  and to my surprise a whole bunch of folk started reading it. There are only 12 post that have gotten over 50,000 views.

February 2011

Real Life Tidbit #2 I’ve had braces for three million, four hundred thousand, and seventy-two years and on February 1, I finally got them taken off! I now consider myself hotter stuff (I’ve always considered myself hot stuff). So new teeth, deserves new hair. Eyeballs need new contacts. Hence the Jenny-Jones-In-High-School-I-Was-A-Nerd-But-Now-I-Can-Attract-A-Herd-Makeover. However, I am Valentine-less once again despite my mesmerizing new look.

March 2011

Real Life Tidbit #3

OMG, FYI, and LOL have been added to Oxford English Dictionary and I finally started auditioning in Chicago. (See JUNE 2011)

April 2011

I went into hibernation for the entire month of April.

May 2011

Real Life Tidbit #4 I visited my alma mater LeMoyne-Owen College for their graduation. Do I consider that newsworthy? Uh yeah! Check out the Video I sent to the freshman Class of 2015 

June 2011 

Real Life Tidbit #5. I turn 25 and I still can’t believe Michael Jackson has been gone for 2 years.

I auditioned for a play (see March) and got the part. It opened on June 9th and for 4 nights a week for several weeks, I wore this dress and sang a song in French.

July 2011

Real Life Tidbit #6 I’m still wearing that red dress until the show closed and I auditioned for more shows (See September)

and I am still 25.

August 2011

Real Life Tidbit #7. This was a busy month. Pepper Beasley joins facebook (Friend him today). I get nominated for an award from the play with the red dress. I join the cast for a talk show called Inspired With Dymeata B.


September 2011 

Real Life Tidbit #8 – A friend and fellow poet passed away and it was a rough month for me. George James aka Depth Perception was a part of a phenomenal group of poets in LA, The Urban Legends. I have never been apart of such a great group of poets and every time we were always together, the chemistry was organic, genuine, and our words produced a heartfelt connection between us. I realized just how deep that heartfelt connection was as we grieved together. Listen to one of my favorite poems from Depth Perception from our next to last performance together:

This same month, Flow, a hip hop play opens that I signed on to as the understudy. The same weekend, I replaced a cast mate was the same day I found out about my friends death. I dedicated my performance to him and hopefully, I did him proud.

October 2011

Real Life Tidbit #9 – Things are looking up. I begin to take on a whole new responsibility as a poet and actor. Flow goes on tour and I replaced the lead. (I didn’t poison him I swear). I also got hired at the Black Ensemble Theatre as an ensemble actor during the day show.

November 2011 

Real Life Tidbit #10 – I don’t know if I was more excited to meet Linda Yu or be on television. Check out the video HERE

Flow finally closes with a phenomenal jam packed performance at Governor’s State University.

The girl with Inspired With Dymeata B. have a launching party and our first live taping!

Pepper turns 13!

and I got casted as a dancer for Dream Girls Chicago!

December 2011 

Real Life Tidbit #11 – I am a rehearsing machine. Between the Black Ensemble Theatre’s new day show and Dream Girl Chicago I rehearse about 9-10 hours a weekday, while trying to keep up with my graphic design work. I began teaching a group of students on Saturdays to help build their confidence as performers and I still 25 and I just created a new fanpage. Like IT!

In short, holla back 2011.

Lisa B.

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