Call For Back-Up Selected For Hollywood Black Film Festival

Photo Courtesy of DKITTY Photography

Call For Back-Up starring Tiffany Black is  an official selection for the Hollywood Black Film Festival.  Join Tiffany and the cast of this thought-provoking comedic tale on October 29th.

Call For Back-Up tells the story of international pop star, Strangelica, who finds herself enigmatic when she learns her back-up singers have been instructed to outsing her due to her severe lack of vocal abilities. This short film is an adaptation from a one-act stage play written by Tiffany Black. Directed by Keisha Ansley, produced by Chauncey Gregory, and starring an amazing cast, be on the look out for Call For Back-Up. Watch trailer here:

Strangelica's Latest Single Now Available on iTunes

So dearly beloved, stay updated on Call For Back-Up and Like the Fanpage on Facebook. Check out pics below:

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  1. come on ms. black… puttin in work… lol!!! cant help but love it.

  2. great photos.. great graphics #lifted soul… come on yal. just come on!!!!!!

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