Flow by Will Power

Will Power’s provocative play, Flow, examines the archetypes of the Black communities: the Preacha Man, Swea P., Ole Cheesy, etc…as they reflect upon oral history, its passing and rebirth. Also, witness the dynamics of life as it is today. Like the fabled sankofa bird, with a hip-hop swagger, it’s characters remember the past, yet move with a forward flow.

I am excited to be apart of  this production at eta Creative Arts Foundation in Chicago, IL. Signing on as the understudy for this two-person cast, I took on the task of preparing for both roles.  I have to admit, that I was a little hesitant about understudying because I never have before and I didn’t know what to expect.  So yes, I mentally prepared myself to lock down an entire script just in case. Turns out my just in case came  and I got to perform everyday for every show one week. I discovered that it truly pays off to be prepared. The shows went great and I’m looking forward to performing again. In Chicago? Come check it out:

eta Creative Arts Foundation | 7558 So. South Chicago Ave | Chicago, IL 60619


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Lisa B.

Check out what my castmate had to say about me:

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