New Poem: Miss F.I.T.

Check Out my video for Miss F.I.T.

I wrote this poem in November of 2010 when I left the sunny hills of Hollywood and moved back to the frigid, flatlands of the Midwest only to be greeted by back to back blizzards. I didn’t know it at the time, but the transition was a critical part in the next phase of my life. F.I.T. stands for Forever In Transition. If you are the same person you were one year ago, that is evidence of little growth in your life and character. Situations, places, and people have an effect on the different transitions that we make it our life and Miss F.I.T. is a product of that. I wouldn’t describe Miss F.I.T. as my alter ego, but more like another ego, if that makes sense. Listen, Watch, Pass Along.

What does Miss F.I.T. stand for? I’ll tell you later….

Lisa B.

Look out for more…


  1. TallDarkNHandsome says:

    Loved it!! Goin to Starbucks to get you a gallon of coffee ;-).

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