BET’s The Game Season Finale

Melanie gazes in the mirror twirling hair as birds actually chirp in the background.

Melanie believes she’s overheating her ovaries because she stands in front of the microwave. (I don’t even have to recap a sarcastic statement to sum that up. It’s a ridiculously ridiculous statement all by itself)

Derwin is having a biz meeting with Tasha about all the millions she’s making him.

Derwin inquires about what new QB is coming to the sabers. Then Tasha drops the bomb and tells the news that she plans on picking up Malik again and will manage his career.

Derwin doesn’t seem too happy about it.

Derwin doesn’t want to share Tasha with Malik. He also is pretty sure that she’ll push him toward endorsements too.

Derwin. The past four lines started with Derwin.

Tasha runs into the dead guy from the last episode. Still lookin all healthy.

With two kids in tow.

Boom! Dead dude got a wife and kids! And his name is Ronnie. I don’t know what’s worse. Him posing as a terminally ill person with a secret family or the name Ronnie.

Tasha surprisingly doesn’t go ballistic even though she admits that she’s a revelation away from shooting his wife and ashy kids.

Malik shows up at his ex-model girlfriend’s photo shoot trying to win her back.

She really doesn’t look like a model, unless I’m just being a hater.

Turns out Malik set up the photo shoot just to get her to talk to him. Now she’s embarrassed. Good move Malik, good move.

I tell ya bout people with money. He set up a fake photoshoot.

Anyway, during commercial break BET announced that they are having a marathon of the whole season four on Saturday already. A little soon, no?

Now enters Jason.

Derwin actually admits to Jason that he’s been trying to get the best quarterback in the league to join the Sabers.

In walks this “best quarterback” nominee just as Jason was leaving. As cheap as Jason is, he’d pay for a compliment, so when the quarterback started to butter him up, Jason begins coaxing him to join the Sabers.

Melanie is also coaxing Tasha and bribing her with food, that Tasha likened to the menu of a repast.

Tasha sees through all of this and wants to know what’s on Mel’s mind. Mel’s drops the don’t represent Malik bomb.

Tasha calls Mel’s out with choice expletives. Mel is a horrible ultimatum giver.

They argue.

In the heat of the moment, Mel fires Tasha. After all Mel is the CEO of the family. Because families work best when the infrastructure mirrors that of a Fortune 500 company. Look at Oprah. She’s the CEO of her family. I mean, yeah she’s the only one but she’s the leader of her family nonetheless and Gayle is her administrative assistant.

Anyway, the Quarterback nominee becomes a saber and during the press conference he single handedly said that he would single handedly do what Malik couldn’t. I haven’t done my research. Who is this new quarterback on The Game in real life? Where he come from?

Stacy Dash shows up. She still looks 16. Her and Jason plan a date.

Oh ok, Stacy Dash is with the new Quarterback Dude

Tasha smacking on popcorn in Malik’s bowling alley. And ex-model girlfriend shows in the driveway on crack.

Now Derwin and Tasha are in the doctor’s office going through a series of questions to determine the cause of their infertility problems.

Derwin asks Melanie about the abortion (I’m guessing during the series of questions, her lying was that bad)

“Is it mine?”

You read it first. The last word spoken of the Season Finale of The Game

Um. I just tried to make that final moment climatically dramatic and suspenseful. Yeah yeah?

In other news….

It’s raining radiation

OMG, LOL, and FYI have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary

Lady Gaga’s Real Name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

Um yeah

Everybody’s putting in a bid to run for President. Running our country has become a joke when Donald Trump says he’s runnin’

Uh let’s see, I’m not sure what I’ll do without you guys on Tuesday nights! Tear Tear. Maybe I’ll recap other shows I watch. I’ve recently taken a liking to Shark Tank and Secret Millionaire. I’m not sure the reading ratings can compete with thee feedback I’ve gotten from The Game.

Thanks for hanging out with me every Tuesday for the past 12 Tuesdays. See momma, I can commit to something!

Video has nothing to do with The Game but EVERYTHING to do with ME

Lisa B.

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  1. Mel's giveaway was saying "definitely" remember her earlier convo wit tasha when tasha said when u say definitely it means sumn is up.

  2. ah ha…true true. Now I remember her saying that

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