BET’s The Game Season 4 Episode 10 – Malik is Whole like Milk

This episode better be good. I was taking a really exciting and much needed nap but I made myself wake up to watch this ding dang on show. And after I watch it, I’m going to sleep.

See what’s happening is…

Malik is having all of these ethereal moments of clarity. Two shows ago, he was dang near strung out on crack and now he is the good advice giving, wise, always smiling dude.

He believes that…

Life is like a tree. Some people are leaves. Some branches. Some roots. Strippers are leaves. Malik is getting rid of the leaves because he found “the one.” He decides to shut down the stripper joint.

Severance pay. He’s giving the girls their severance pay. People in the real world have been getting laid off after 20 years working the same job and they don’t even get severance pay.

Malik doesn’t know what to do with Megan Good. Tee Tee gives him a plan to record Parker aka Megan Good while talking crazy to blackmail her. I see this blowing up in somebody’s face.

Tasha Mack is exercising sitting down on the sofa.

Tee Tee busted Tasha about being broken up with Young Dude cause she hasn’t told Malik.

Tee Tee is looking less and less cockeyed.

Melanie convinces Tasha to throw Tasha’s not boyfriend a surprise party.

Young Dude is turning 25. I knew Mr. 106&Park was young. But goodness.

Parker is hiding in cars at night. Malik’s car

Malik hopes in a Aileen Wuornos victim look a like’s car. Don’t know her? Google her.

She, Tasha, not Aileen, actually threw the dang on party. People bringing presents and everything.

Megan Good and Malik’s girl are at the same party.

Parker’s husband bought her. (He implies that he doesn’t want her looking like a two-dollar girl because she cost more than that. My conclusion? He bought her.) Lest we forget this man is the team owner.

Tasha is still pretending that Mr. 106&Park is really at this party.

They’ve used the word shrimp 50 times at the birthday-boy-less party.

It’s time for the young dude to cut the cake and everybody gathers around. Just as Tasha is about to give a dramatic explanation, Mr. 106&Park storms into the party all excited like he was actually invited to his birthday party.

Tasha cries in front of Young Dude. The feeling is just now settling over me that she is old enough to be his mother. Ew.

Young Dude requests one last birthday dance.

My nap was more entertaining than this episode.

Malik meets Parker in the bathroom and obviously she figures out that he’s recording her.

She throws his phones in the trash. They have a heart to heart in the stall.

Malik is now a psychologist.

Melanie spits out her drink (because people really do that when they hear shocking news) when Tasha confesses to being broken up with Mr. 106&Park.

Megan Good tells her hubbie (who will always be the English teacher/football coach from Lean On Me with Morgan Freeman) off in the parking lot admitting that she slept with Malik.

“You’re in for a world of hurt. A world of hurt!” That’s what her husband said. Oooohh, I thought. A world of hurt. His speech in Lean On Me after he overturned Morgan’s desk was much more threatening.

No Brit. No Brat. No Super Dad Jason. Too much Tee-Tee and not enough chicken.

There are only two more episodes left of this season. This season went by quick. Alright y’all. I ain’t finna check for spelling errors or nothing. No more witty banter about what else is happening in the world. Read the news. I’m sleepy. Holla back Tasha Mack style. Zzzzzzzzz…..

P.S. Watch my youtube videos before you go to sleep I’ll give you 5 Tasha Mack Dollars.

Lisa B.

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