BET’s The Game Season 4 Episode 9 – Brit is a Drug Dealer

While you were watching Sheen travel further down the already downward spiral into a deep plunge of nothingness, I was soaking up some chilly sun Los Angeles. Instead of blogging about my, as Sheen would say, “Oddessy of Epicness” will drinking secret “elixir below the frame line” of my nightly ustreamed appearance on, I was engaging in PG-14 behavior. I missed last week’s episode of The Game so I asked a fellow Sunbeamer, Danita to fill you guys in…I back.

See what had happened was…

There’s only one restaurant in Saberland – I’ve seen this outside spot in season fifty times.

Brit Brat had to stay home from school because of her monthly. But she skipped school to hang with her girls and she order dum dum dum… house flat water, instead of bottle water. Jason caught her, but doesn’t really care. Brit is headed for Teen Mom Season 4 quicker than I thought. Malik rightfully compares her to Bobby Christina.

Tasha gets down with the Black Girl Pat at Mel’s cribatorium.

Jason barges in with Magic Johnson, ironically wearing the brightest Red shirt that can’t help but make me think of how his “situation” has disappear.

Brit Brat is excited at the thought of having babies. Jason wants to dump Brit with Mel and Tasha so he can golf.

There is absolutely to much Brit Brat in this episode. Magic Johnson is surprisingly a good actor.

Brit thinks she’s grown enough to have babies and not have babysitters.

Melanie tells Magic Johnson to stop eating the grapes cause they for her daddy. If Magic came to your house, would you refuse him Grapes? Not rhetorical.

Mel’s stick-up-the-butt parents arrive.

Melanie’s mama brought up Green Peace – SN: Ok see now, some cute little curly haired man named, John caught me walking down some boulevard in North Hollywood and talked me into paying $15 dollars a month to save some trees in Venezuela. I un-regrettably cancels that after 4 consecutive months to contribute to Netflix instead. DVD’s saves trees too.

Tasha so ghetto and I love it. Tasha agrees to babysit the Brat.

After downloading $200 worth of Twilight movies, Tasha leds Brit down the path of righteousness and directs her towards the bible, ironically placed by hennessy and dominoes.

Remember those parents that carried a genuine disdain for “that boy that dragged Melanie to Hell” a couple of seaons ago. Yeah, they love Derwin now. I mean, at the expense of NBA season passes and sizable donations to saving trees. The mom even claim little Derwin as her Grandson.

Ooh that woman doing Tasha hair, is Mya momma from Girlfriends! Her hair is nice.

Brit stole a mysterious something out of Tasha’s purse and Mack told her to get a switch.

Melanie is sad that her parents are not paying attention to her and claims that they believe that they believe there is nothing interesting about being a boring housewife who is president of the Sunbeams

You’re right Melanie, there is nothing interesting about that.

Brit lied on Tasha about the purse theivery which turned out to be surprise, weed. Jason is “furious” that Tasha had her around such substance. Yeah the same little girl who skipped school, is eager bleeding to make babies, and taking half-nakey pictures on facebook should not be around weed. Alert the Charlie Sheen media.

“I’m ok not practicing medicine, ya know”

No you’re not ok Melanie. Generational Curse Moment: Melanie’s mom gave up being a famous Opera singer to be married. Mel wants to help Derwin get where he wants to be. Screw her dreams!

Mel’s mom misreads Melanie’s monologue and concludes that’s Mel’s having a baby. She’s not.

Brit Brat got like five bags under each eye.

Finally Jason, steps his Dad game up. Snatches her purse before she goes out and rummages through it to find…dum dum dum….weed.

Brit is a drug dealer. She kept weed so her friend can sell it for a profit. (As though you can sale it for a non profit or something.)

Jason has a ah ha Oprah moment and he quit the sport’s show to actually, I don’t know… RAISE IS DAUGHTER. T

Kudos. I was actually a proud viewer at this moment.

Tasha’s gives Malik a whopping

In short, Cody Bell, the man who pretends to be Jason Pitts is actually a happy father and family man in real life. He has like thirty-five kids. See pic above.

In a shorter short, I’m watching American Idol again and I’m cheering for the boy with the twitchy eyebrows and I’m thinking about making and selling I Heart Charlie Sheen shirts and in honor, of Brit Brat’s business savviness, I aim to make a profit.

Lisa B.

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