BET’s The Game Season 4 Episode 8 – 3’s a Crowd

Entitled “A Very Special Moment” should be calledS&M now stands for Stupid Melanie!! or Mel kissed a girl and liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have I been smoking the “Charlie Sheen”???? This episode has my head reeling? The all American church going Davis’s doing threesomes??????????????? What the deuce?????? Is this an evil alternate parallel universe in opposite land????????????????????? Mel is going to experience the “L” word just to please Derwin’s lying behind???????????????????? Malik being a stand up guy (well kind of)????????????

The episode starts out with Malik on the Monique show having his “Confession’. Is it me or does Monique say the word “baby” every 15 seconds in her contract? We should play a drinking game to that. Every time she says baby we take a shot. We would all be punch gut drunk. LOL

Malik, says he is not the 80 million dollar man now he is just the incredibly wealthy man. LOL Then he has a Tom Cruise moment. He admits he is in love with supermodel Jenna Rice and jumps all over Monique’s couch!! SMH “Maybe he is on a drug called Malik El Debarge Wright ” LOL

If you are a diabetic get an insulin shot before u see Malik & Jenna. Too much PDA. He may be making her the new drug of his life. Just when u are about to OD like charlie sheen in a hotel room in Vegas here comes the psycho!!!!! Envy thy name is Parker!! She is reptile green with envy and seething mad at Malik & his new relationship. Then she tries in a last ditch effort to tell Malik she hasnt shaven in a month and she knows he likes that???? Does Malik like to play Stever Erwin in the jungle chopping her vines with his machete??????????? Crickey???????? What does her stuff look like pipi long stockings???? I digress. Then she admits that she doesn’t have a uterus or tonsils???????? OMG. I am about to faint. This is the TMI or should I say TMDFI episode of the year!!!!!!!!!! Maybe u need to smoke some Charlie Sheen to digest it all!!! This admission by Parker explains a lot!! Her desperation has a direct correlation to her deep seated insecurities by the fact she can’t have kids. Really explains her overly promiscous actions and the reason she can’t let Malik go and why her husband isn’t paying her attention. Poor thing, she doesn’t realize Malik was under the haze of addiction and is now free and she needs to project her problems onto her husband and a counselor not chase after a man who doesn’t want her.

The Sunbeams are answering fan mail letters from hoochies and grandmas sending panties and prisoners. SMH. Mel is finally learning to hold her own when she tells tasha her man is so young the only woman tasha has to compete with is Dora the Explorer. There is her 2 piece. Here comes Jazz again to skank it up. Am I the only one who will say she is like a used Saber doorknob? They have all had a turn on her!! They act like u have to give up who u are and all your morals to please and keep yourself. Nothing is better to a man than 4 ta ta’s???? I am SMH until whiplash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She says to introduce toys and another woman b/c u have to do whatever it takes to please ur husband. SMH!! My mom would say Sodom & Gomora!!!!!!!!! What type of message does this send our daughters????????? Give up all your morals and common sense to please ur man???? Why not tell them hold onto yourself and if your man loves you, he will stay around????? IF u give into ur man’s every whim and do what u know is wrong, he will 9 times out of 10 join in to the act and then use that as the excuse to leave u!!

My gosh the next segment should be entitled “while the wife is away, the dog will play.” A skanky groupie is in derwin’s room whilel he is on the phone with mel. Mel snaps off. No church boy didn’t flirt with her!!!!!!!! What is he learning in the mandatory church sessions. He admits that groupies are in the room all the time and then ask Mel for Skype Sex?????????????????? When did Skype Sex get to be the norm?? No Parker isn’t in the bed. This episode definitely isn’t for

Yet again Psycho Parker is waiting for Malik in his room. Malik admits his love for jenna and kicked her out. Boy does he look scared trying to play it off. Then she says she will cry rape and with all his legal problems he is b/t a rock and a hard place and he sleeps with the psycho to shut her trap. However, isn’t what Parker did to him rape?????? he has his thumb in his mouth like a kid who is scared of the boogey man!!! He then goes home and there is Jenna naked, willing and able. Malik CRIED! Yes he cried!! But he should have told her the truth! Or better yet he should have run out of the room with psyco parker at the hotel. That chick needs a prozac!!!!!

Now back to girl Mel. She enlists Jazz, this shows version of “superhead” to help her spice things up with Dumb A Derwin.
Jazz is so skanky and idiotic. Why doesn’t her car have tags????? How are u married to a baller and riding dirty??? A threesome??? Really Mel. Whatever happened to “thy shalt not commit adultery?” Church is ALL out the window this episode!!!!!1
Mel needs to pimp slap jazz for throwing up that she used to sleep with derwin. I guess Mel got her “biscuit” for throwing up the fact that jazz’s baby doesn’t look like jevon but the 2nd string kicker!!! LOL She said she is going on a kitty kat hunt for mel OMG. How cliché to have katty perry in the background. Is girl mel bi???

Does Mel not know that once u give in, he may not respect u anymore???? Mel has to get Mel Gibson drunk to even try to go thru with a 3 some. Dumb A Derwin (now referred to as DAD) said “u been practicing, u ain’t never been that good with ur tongue” while the other woman is licking on Derwin. Melanie felt like crap for even thinking of doing a threesome and politely kicked the girl out. DAD didn’t have a clue!!!!!! SMH Melanie explained she couldn’t go thru with it to the girl and sitll got kissed at the end. Did Mel kiss a girl and like it?????? And DAD still didn’t figure out what was going on!!! Mel’s insecurities have made her write a check her butt can’t cash!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I can say is parents put the kids to bed before watching this one
!! This has too much adult material. I mean 3somes, cougars and toys – Oh my!!!!! And to me sent out all the wrong messages. How about be honest with your partner and while it is cool to try new things, don’t lose yourself in the process.

And next week’s episode “who is the adult and who is child”? Tasha is going to be caught having weed around brit brat!!! No wonder Derwin is an addict??? This is too much for this girl to process!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did someone slip something in my Dr. Pepper???????????? This is definitely the new black soap opera. Talk about the young and the restless!!!!!!

Post by Danita Scott

Thanks girl!!!!!

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