BET’s The Game Season 4 Episode 7 – Kelly in the PItts

Well whudda thunk it. This episode actually had doses of truthful and useful messages hidden in the dialogue. Truthful messages like, just maybe certain persuasions let their children talk to them any kind of way and believe in time outs. These persuasions are not of any particular color, but of a {place a stuck-up sounding word here} nature. You know, the moms you see an a grocery store telling Baby Billy he can’t have any Poptarts and he responds by hurling hideous insults at the top of his lungs while reaching for heavy artillery killing everyone in aisles 4,5,6, and 8. Baby Billy is only 6 and three quarters, still in a stroller.

Anyway, I’m not watching Teen Mom 2 tonight, because I’ve had a big enough dose of rebellious teendom from the bratty Brit.

You know, the daughter that aged from 7 to 13 and had 6 birthdays in two years? She made an appearance tonight to prove once and for all that she is indeed a brat.

Here’s what happened tonight…

Kelly is threatened to put a halt to her reality show because she signed a confidentiality clause in her divorce agreement so she can’t mention her EX husband in a reality show about her EX baller husband and her EX life.

Jason threatens to not give her any more money until then…

Kelly changes her last name to Devereau…well because she wanted to change her last name to Devereau.

Once again Malik formally known as Tiger is back in rehab and ‘spells the pills’ that he’s been popping pills 15-20 per day. (Does that not call for stomach pumping. Isn’t that a suicidal amount.)

The doctor tells him he was emotional issues as if this is news to us.

Malik gets all Diary of a Mad Black Man once again and storms out using Star Wars and Star Trek references.

Kelly shows up at an industry event with Derwin, Mel, and Tasha. Kelly tries to slap his face on her reality show but the Mack ain’t having it.

F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S made a three second appearance. I’m sure that was him right?

The model from rehab shares with Malik that although Jelly Beans are not good food for models it’s better than crack.

I disagree. Crack it is.

Malik tells her he has no friends.

She actually gives him good advice. Something about living your life to the fullest…yadda yadda commercial break.

Retired BET uncut dancers made an appearance at whatever industry gathering they are with F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S

Kelly is in the pitts (hahahaha corny pun intended) when she can’t get any ballers on her show Ex-Ballers wives.

Kelly begins to dance like a slut for her cameras for attention. It was quit disturbing.

She’s made no. 1 on the Internet’s hottest booty list. Great.

Oh and Brit Brat ends up taking half naked pics of herself and posting them on FB and Jason is blaming Kelly for the influence. Not Nikki Minaj. Not Teen Mom 2. Not Cosmo Magazine. Not BET Blackbuster movies. Not all of her other 13 year old friends which I’m sure are tasteless. Not the divorce. It’s AAALLLL Kelly’s fault.

That conversation between Brit and her mom was wrong on so many different levels I don’t want to recap that part. Simply because I would hate to turn this paragraph into a parental debate about corporal punishment and methods of discipline hence my rant at the beginning but stuff like that really makes me mad. Brit Brat need a good ole fashion whoopin.

Tasha agrees

Melanie no children having self believes in “time-outs”

Malik shows up at TT’s truck trying to make nice. Aww. he apologizes. TT took the girl back that cheated on him

Malik and the model kiss in front of a yellow car.

Kelly quit the reality show. Kelly cries. Kelly gets pathetic in front of Jason. Kelly is giving Brit to Jason. He aggrees to keep her

In short, Alyssa Milano is pregnant. Latte sales are up predicting a bright economic future for America. Rahm Emanuel is the coolest name a mayor as every had. And next week’s previews seem like it’s gonna be 237% times better than this weeks.

Lisa B.

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