The Malik Wright Show

Yea so I was just chillin at some random football game and I bumped into my boys and I just took a pic real quick. Whether I took this pic myself or not is up to you to rate as fact or fiction, but it is a fact that I would have been better off recaping the commericals this week. Or even worse, BET’s Let’s Stay Together.
Anywho, for the second week in a row, the plot pretty much centered around our troubled Malik Wright.
Once again, no Kelly, no Brit Brat, two seconds of TeeTee, and too much of Malik and his large house.
See what had happened was…
Tasha finds out that Malik is in jail via flat screen and his bail is set at $100,000 which shouldn’t be a problem because that’s probably how much a doorknob in the house of the famed football player cost.
Malik thinks he’s above the law…well…because athletes are. (Except for when they have “non-consensual relations” with women of the other persuasion.)
Megan Good’s husband/owner of the Sabers took Malik’s phone to keep him from contacting the social media and tweeting to much. At the time, I thought he was gonna find txt or pics of Megan. But he didn’t.
Now Malik is expressing jealousy that his mom is Derwin’s Manager.
Jason does a report on Malik’s future in hell…oops I mean jail.
Hey noticed all the above mentioned repaps have Malik’s name in them?!?!?!
All of Malik’s friends sell him out on national television.
Malik and a team mate were hanging out at a two-lane bowling alley which was later revealed was inside of his house. Two year ago, he was living in a garage-like habitation and now he’s staying in…I can’t even think of a house large enough to equate it to.
Every one including his manager and Malik’s mother is pressuring Derwin to stay away from Malik and he’s “sad” that people may possible take away his million dollar endorsement deals because they don’t want to see him with a man who may be going to jail.
Even Melanie is pressuring him to disconnect from Malik.
Ok Ok Really, like whose house did BET jack for Malik’s crib. Every angle just shows how obnoxiously ridiculously hugh that thing is. Or maybe I’m just a hater.
Anyway, Malik agrees to go on Jason’s shows where he has another “episode” by yelling and shouting about how great he is.
Malik calls Derwin and asked him to accompany him to a press release so he can use Derwin’s squeaky clean image.
Melanie gives Derwin advice to go, which contradicts her previous statement from seven minutes ago. You know the advice to basically throw Malik under the bus so they won’t lose Essence Magazine covers and nike commercials. So she told him to go because they “both go to church now.” As if every choice they make from here on out will be blessed by God.
Malik volunteers himself to go to rehab. Derwin didn’t show up.
The End
The produces just texted me that the show formally known has “The Game” will from now on be acknowledged as “The Malik
If you are in the Midwest and you can’t leave your house because of the snow, take the liberty to count how many times that bolden name appears. You may get a prize. Ok you won’t but some of you will count anyway.
Until next time my friends.
Lisa B.

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