The State of Our Ideas

You know the drill by now guys. I catch up on my Teen Mom 2 while I recap what I saw on my television screen. Tonight there are two recaps to read. Between our economic status, birds dropping dead, and the fact that we are in a gajabafillion dollars in debt, I figured it would behoove me to tune in and listen to my President speak. I’ve been looking forward to this more than my weekly affair with BET’s The Game. Besides, if I can recap word for word the happenings of a scripted drama about fictional characters, I can recap the words of a man leading a real country comprised of real people like you and me.

Above all of the major points that were brought out, the major chord that resonated within me is the importance in the POWER OF AN IDEA. ‘Innovation doesn’t just change our lives, it’s how we make our living.”

I watched the SOTU with my baby boomer parents who may not realize just in fact how much the world has changed. Just last week, I accompanied, ok forced, my mother to go by her first laptop and tied my father’s arms behind his back and waived a chicken wing in front of his face until he agreed to wifi the house. j/k. I read that 18-35 year olds spend an average of 40-50 HOURS a week on the internet. That’s a full time job. Is it because we are unemployeed and have nothing better to do, or are we starting to realize the earning potential the internet is capable of helping us generate.

To do this day, my father, who worked for the same company for 30 years still tells me to get a job. He doesn’t know that every time I crack open my computer in the comfort of my now internet ready home, I make money. Now, through the aid of mentors and supporters, I’m finally beginning to wake up to discovered that I’ve literally made money while sleeping thanks to the internet.

Do you remember a few years ago when Facebook was just another (Imagine a old man on his porch with no teeth saying) “Oh these kids are just doing nothing and wasting their time.” Now “these” sites are the proof of our existence, of company’s existence. It was once that you’re considering a nobody if you’re not in the yellow pages. Yellow pages? What’s that? Exactly. Someone came along with an idea. But it’s bigger than one person thinking of something. With the internet you have the ability to reach the largest audience ever: the World. Mark thought of facebook. We, his fellow generationeers (new word), sustains it. Whose waiting to sustain your next idea? What are you waiting for? Scared? This world is so ever changing that if you failed at a venture, by the next time Lindsey is behind bars again, everybody would have forgotten. Move on to the next idea.

We are the children and the children’s children of the baby boomers that they are always talking about. It is time for us to continue to step up to the political plate.

Invest in your ideas and realize the power within them and the earning potential. Earning potential that can stem far beyond money, but setting up a sound financial and moral future for OUR children and OUR children’s children.

Health care, energy, defense, debt, taxes…and the list goes on and on. All of these solutions I believe are being held hostage in the brain of someone in my generation.

Baby boomers, we appreciate it, we really do. But this is our time now and yes, I am really concerned about where are they gonna find this 55 billion dollars that they owe you through social security for your retirements, but who’s going to take care of us in our old age: our ideas.

Read his whole speech here:


  1. Oooooh girl, You got me really thinking.. or should I say Obama does. Thanks for your post as I did not have a chance to hear the speech. I remember having a journal when I was younger and I would write down every idea I thought of. Some I remember being totally insane and others I wish I could remember. Where is that journal now?? Here I am blogging about a show technology will record and allow you to watch later… and could be writing about my ideas and the future. Sometimes we lose sight of what's important. All that to say, I will continue to blog But I will blog for myself too!

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