See What Had Happened Was… Episode 3

I don’t know what’s worse: Malik’s frohawk that features the widow’s peak or Malik’s frohawk that features the widow’s peak. He need to get that thing under control. Anyway, this episode was a little whomp whomp to me. It seemed like nothing really happened.

Anyway, see what had happened was…

Malik is mad at the world.

Wow Ex-med school is the new stuck up leader of the sunbeams

SN: BET may need to invest in some extra lighting or maybe I just need to adjust the brightness on my screen.

TeeTee is coming up in the game. Literally, his character has sense now and TeeTee paid Malik back all the money he loaned him for the chicken truck plus interest and Malik still acted like a a**hole.

Jazz is remember that ghetto girl that every Saber slept with once upon a time that ended up marrying that team player. You know who I’m talking about if you watched the show, cause that description I just gave was horrible. SMH at myself.

Melanie has an iPad.

Melanie is preparing for a talk with teen girls as a platform initiative for the Sunbeams because I guess she’s so accomplished with quitting her residency and being the wife of a football player and all.

Melanie stuck Jazz on refreshments as she believed, the one time video dancer, as nothing inspirational to tell the girls.

Jazz finds the opportunity to put her butt in Derwin’s face so he could hold the step ladder while she tried to get stuck-up sparkling water as requested by the stuck up Melanie.

Malik’s house is getting bigger and bigger.

And his assistant is really bad.

Melanie used her iPad to present to the teens. I really want an iPad. And so did the troublesome teen.

Ranch sunflower seeds. They served ranch sun flower seeds to them kids. Where were the hot cheetoes?

Jazz s is celebrated by the group of teenages who aspired to become future video vixens. Great.

Jas exposed that Melanie is indeed an uppidty niggrett who is believes her ish smells like roses. After all Jazz is a skank. But at least she’s a “skank that keeps in one hunnid.” Basically she told, that no matter what road you take…they all lead you to marrying a football player.

Ok see, now, Malik has some serious issues. He is taking this angry black man thing to a whole new level of angry black manness.

Pills? Smoked her out? Remember when the big A word they foreshadowed on the Season Premiere. I’m positive that Malik is positive.

Um. Where’s Jason?

No Kelly

And as I suspected No Brit Brat

Malik got pulled over.

Malik is a rightfully-so a victim of police brutatility and the show abruptly ends with his mugshot. WTF as in Win the Future which is the title of Obama’s State of the Union Address which was unquestionably more entertaining tonight’s episode of The Game.

Lisa B.


  1. Oh lord yes. That "keep in one hunnid" was a mess. Real ghetto people don't sound that stupid LOL. This A word is news to me. Foreshadowed? When? They say is going to reach an alltime low this season…Big A word. That's extremely low? I mean is he goin die too??? I think they just might be doin too much. What a wack episode !

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