Bring Back Brit Brat?

While the controversial Kanye West was tweeting/hating on Brittany Spear’s single coming in at #1, over H.A.M., West’s and Jay-Z’s new single, I was sending hate tweets to another Brit. I checked the facebook fan page and found out that according to facebooker, Kris G., the new Brit Brat is related to Kenny Smith who is the main writer and conveniently the Executive Producer of the hit show. Great. Nothing but “I Whip My Hair Back and Forth” comes to mind. (Those darn Smiths)

Erica Glucks (the REAL Brit Brat) and her father wanted to fly in and relocate to shoot the new season but the show’s producers and writers didn’t even want to take a meeting with her.

Fans are supposedly quote unquote outraged but I highly doubt this effects the ratings of the show. The same fans that tweet “I hate the new #BritBrat!”, “I’m furious! Bring back the real Brit Brat!” Are also tweeting “#GameOn!!! Waahooooo, tonight is #TheGame!!!” “ I’m calling off of work to watch #TheGame!”

So, in short, get over it people. As it turns out, the role of Kelly Pitts will not be featured on every episode. So if we’re lucky, we’ll only be seeing the privileged-I-know-somebody-who-knew-somebody-Katlynn Smith.

So in the words of K-Wizzy, “Yo, Brit, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you be #1, but [The Real Brit Brat] is one of the best….” Well if we were actually honest with ourselves…that little girl Erica Glucks wasn’t exactly the Dakota Fanning of television…Get over people. Today is Game Day!

Disagree with me? Say so…

If you want the girl back so bad, you brought the show back. Bring back the real Brit Brat.

Lisa B.


  1. Had to show you love. Hope you will do the same on my blog. I will be blogging my reactions of the show more than an actual recap. Personally, I am in favor a returning the old Brit Brat, Erika Gluck. I am a hardcore The Game fan and sources said BET would be bringing it back with the original cast. Let's not forget it was the petition of the fans to bring the show back. Erika is apart of the original cast. As a fellow actress, I know how much of a stab it is to get ruled out for a part because of someone's know somebody hookup. They end up risking the nature of the part. I am disappointed Erika didn't return, however if the new Brit stays… she MUST look the part. Last week she looked to be 24 yrs old. Not gonna work! And your rite! We shouldn't be seeing much of The Pitts enough to miss Erika too much. Katlynn on the show may not change the ratings but this new dynamic of characters will. I sure hope they keep the comedy and likeness of the show. If not fans will take a stand. Can't wait for tonite. Support my blog and let me know your thoughts.

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