My Predictions

We love this show so much, that we’ll forgive the creative director for retouching Malik to the point of unrecognizability on all the promo materials. (The mohawk is unforgivably high though).

My predictions for the future of The Game are as follows:

Girl Melanie is gonna preserve her fantasy of a world that only includes her and Derwin. First, she is going to kill Janai and DJ. By the time that happens (I’ll give that to the season finale), TNT’s “We Know Drama” The Closer, will have eventually caught Game Fever and Derlanie or Melwin (I haven’t settled on which marital nickname I like best) will be under investigation by that blonde lady.

While Melanie and Derwin are being questioned, Melanie is going to escape and be chased by Regina King and that other cop from TNT’s Southland. She will flee to LA. While in LA, Med-School is going to by a disguise from the party shop owned by Ray Romano in Men of A Certain Age (If you haven’t noticed by know, TNT is where it’s at).

Meanwhile Tasha is going to visit her long time friend who turns out to be that lady from the show Cougar Town. You know? That lady that just divorce her husband in real life and left him a terribly drunken mess. You know? Courtney Cox that use to play on Friends (Which was a show that definitely had a final season finale show conclusion – not saying I’m still bitter about how Girlfriends ended and how The Game got shot down the first time, I’m just saying).

I have no predictions for Jason or Malik, as it seems as though their lives are already over.

Brit Brat will have a reality show of her own. It’s called MTV’s 16 & Pregnant and will be featured on the spin off, Teen Mom 4.

In conclusion, don’t sleep on TNT’s “We Know Drama” Series. Go to sleep on Cougar Town though. And tune in to MTV’s Teen Mom 2 on Tuesdays right after The Game.

I’m just sayin’, I ain’t no Essence or Nike but TNT and MTV should pay me a little something something for name dropping them in my blog because one day I’m gonna have fifty-leven-thousand million readers.

Speaking of reading, they polled America saying that we don’t read. They developed this poll by researching how many people checked out library books and the sales of books in closing stores such as Barnes-n-Noble. People still go to library? If I had the tools, I would do a follow up research on how many people now read from Kindles, Nooks, iPads, download books from mobile apps, and other electronic devices that they didn’t include in that poll. Don’t let them starting making us feel like our intelligence in decline because of the rise of technology. After all, I make it a point to read my newsfeed on facebook every single day.

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